When The Hurt Is Too Painful To Forgive


Too Painful To Forgive
Some hurts are unbelievably hard and painful to forgive.

Some people in our lives have, either intentionally or not, done some unforgivable things to us. And we all have our own unique definition for what we deem unforgivable.

Things we struggle with letting go of. Things that have marred or shaped us in some form or way. Things we would like to gladly hold over their heads for as long as possible.

Due to these reasons, many of us are prone to see those that have hurt us as our enemies. And we are not alone in this as God also has enemies.

The important question is who are the enemies of God and how does He deal with them?

God’s enemies are those that have not been reconciled to Him through faith in Christ. Those that continue to live a life of wickedness and by doing so have made themselves out to be enemies of God.

“For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to Him through the death of His Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through His life.” (Romans 5:10)

And in spite of their hearts and lives, they continue to receive blessings from God in one way or the other.

“God causes His rain to rain on both the righteous and the wicked, and His sun to shine on both the good and evil.” (Matthew 5:45, emphasis added)

And we are called to be like our Father.

In being like Him, we’ve been called to love those who hate us, pray for those that curse us and do good to those that do not wish us well (Matthew 5:44).

Among the many other things in which I struggle with, being obedient to this particular commandment from God is one. I occasionally struggle with loving my “enemies”. And I’ve also found it excruciatingly hard and painful to forgive some hurts.

But one thing that has helped in this is meditating on the word of God and reminding myself of who I am. Continue reading

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The world’s motto: If it makes you happy, then why not?

Many of us are so easily satisfied that we are willing to settle for a flimsy and empty happiness.

A mere feeling and emotion that cannot last forever.

In our quest for happiness, we hurt others, disobey God and walk on the path of destruction.

Sadly, many do not understand that God is also about our happiness but not necessarily in the way that we have been accustomed to. Fortunately, God has not commanded us to live in obedience in order for Him to deprive us of joy or true happiness.

The truth is that the path of obedience and submission is also the path that leads to life, holiness and true happiness.

There is of course the temptation to separate holiness from happiness, but they don’t necessarily have to be exclusive. Continue reading

A People For Themselves

A People For Themselves
The world says, “Love yourself because that is the only thing that matters.”

Interestingly enough, there is a certain amount of love and care for ourselves in all of us.

The truth is that most of us do not need to be told to love ourselves, it is a natural notion. It is natural and normal for us to love ourselves but the problem stems in us loving ourself a bit too much.

Of course, we would like to believe that we are not a people for ourselves alone, but that is far from the truth.

Outside of Christ, most of our thoughts, cares and worries would revolve only around our present life. We would have no care for those coming after us or even those currently around us. This may not be true for all, but it is the reality for the majority of us.

This terrible truth about who we are does not pertain to our generation alone but also stands true for those that came before us. Continue reading

What Makes You Happy?

Happy Food
What makes you happy?

The bible study question and topic to which a friend was quick to answer that food, food makes him happy.

A question so simple yet almost difficult for some of us to answer. According to a dictionary, happiness is “a state of well-being, a pleasurable and satisfying experience.”

Now what are some of the things that generally makes us feel happy? Or what are some of the things that we usually look to for happiness?

Material things, achievements, success, personal relationships with family and friends, a good social life, fulfilling a career goal, experiencing something new.

Now we all know that happiness is kind of a flimsy feeling considering the rate in which we tend to lose interest in these things, only to quickly go in search of some other source of happiness.

How come our happiness and satisfaction, either in something as insignificant as buying a new dress or as great as graduating college, don’t last forever? Why are we always searching, either consciously or unconsciously for the next thing to fill the void in our hearts with? Continue reading

True Confessions: A Book Review

True Confessions
As a fan and (maybe a stalker) of the author and her blog The Salt Chronicles, I happened to come upon the review section for the book on her blog last year.

This was also when I decided that I was going to purchase the book. It took me awhile but when I finally decided to pick up the book, I was going through some things at the time and I needed something uplifting, some form of distraction for my mind.

Fortunately, I got way much more than just a book to distract me from thinking about my problems. And funny enough, the book also addressed the situation I was going through at the time while encouraging and providing hope.

My first book of fables but not just a book of fables. True Confessions is a book filled with wisdom, encouragement, and permit me to say, the heart of God.

Even as I picked it up once again to skim through it before writing this review, I can’t help but think that the author is truly blessed by God.

There’s a difference between being able to put words together in a beautiful way and being able to put words of wisdom together, not just in a beautiful way but in a way that also brings glory to God. Continue reading

He Is Well Pleased With Me

Well Pleased
Sometimes I get so insecure by trying to figure out what others think of me.

Other times, the battle is just with me trying to perform for God. Believing in the lie, once again, that His love for me is work-based.

“Oh I shouldn’t have said that. Maybe I should’ve done it this way”. Many times, I find myself feeding on the lies of the enemy. Find myself worrying about insignificant things that I feel I now know the meaning of being ‘worried sick’.

It’s a struggle and a weakness. A joy stealing weakness. Sometimes it takes a while to get a hold on my thoughts, to take these thoughts captive.

But when I finally do, I am reminded of some wonderful truths. Continue reading

Counting The Cost Of Following Christ

Counting The Cost
Being a Christian can be uncomfortable and painful at times.

Being a Christian is truly not about everything working out for your “good” in the sense that we have come to know the word “good”.

It’s a big disservice to tell people that when they give their life to Christ, everything will be perfect, life will be good and they will now get whatever it is their heart desires.

Aside from that, I also know that many people are afraid of failing Christ, they feel like they don’t have what it takes to be a Christian. And maybe that is true. I’m not too sure if anyone of us have what it takes to be a Christian.

If you are counting the cost, there’s nothing wrong with that. Please do count the cost.

But while you are counting and trying to figure out the things that following Christ will cost you, you should also consider the things I’m about to tell you. Continue reading

Broken: Shame On Me God. Shame On Me.

Shame on you God.

Those were the first words that came to my mind as it dawned on me that I will not be going back to school this semester.

As I got off the phone realizing what the person on the other end of the phone a few minutes ago just told me, I became furious.

Angry at God, I broke down crying.

With my finger pointed up and unable to voice out the words, either due to the enormity of the words I was thinking or just my inability to speak at the moment, I was yelling in my mind: Shame on you God!!!

Of course, some minutes later due to my helplessness and pain, I decided to pray to the same God to ask for help and strength.

In all these, my other thoughts that were not as crazy as the first but crazy all the same were: What would people think of me now? I mean, I shared this great testimony about how God made a way out of no way. How God showed me favor before man and I’m now able to go back to school this semester. I should’ve made 100% sure before sharing the testimony. It inspired a lot of people and strengthened their faith. So what will I do now? Go back and say that things didn’t work out? What would people think of me?

These thoughts led me into concluding that I am a big fool. The biggest of them all. Continue reading

One Degree Of Glory To Another

Degree Of Glory

“And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” – 2 Cor. 3:18

As Christians, when we continue to behold Christ,  learning from Him, knowing Him, reflecting on who He is and what He is calling us to be (all through the word of God), we are being transformed into His likeness.

In the same way we are sometimes unaware of our physical growth, the same thing applies to our spiritual growth.

This is not something that we can do by our self, it’s something that the spirit of God does in us. Continue reading

And For This Reason, I Celebrate Christ Once Again

Celebrate Christ
About a week ago, I wrote about the yoke of perfection that we Christians have put upon ourselves.

And a few days ago, I reacted in anger towards something that someone said to me. Spoke and acted in pride. Something around the lines of “how dare you say that to me/think you know better than me. Was insensitive with my words, among other things.

After praying about it and thinking deeply about the whole thing, I realized that I actually thought I was passed the point of reacting in a certain way or doing certain things since I’m now in Christ.

I felt ashamed and sort of disappointed in myself. I saw my weaknesses and where I went wrong and I was discouraged. I cannot explain what the shame and guilt I felt has made me believe about myself or even kept me from doing.

This is obviously one of the yoke of perfection or should I say perfectionism I still struggle with. Wanting to reach the point where I will no longer react to or deal with certain situations in my flesh. When humility will be a garment I have on daily. When I will be perfect in action, thought and speech. Continue reading