Feeling Condemned During Worship

Free bird

Will You accept my praise? Lord, will you accept my worship?

Those were the words that was heavy on my heart as the worship session started in church today.

And it was downhill from there.

I felt like I could not act or pretend like I have not displeased God in most of the things I’ve said, done or thought during the past week.

Sadly, I’ve had worse weeks than this last one; but for some reason, on this particular Sunday, I found it impossible to believe that God was going to accept my worship. I felt unworthy to stand before Him in worship and I was so ashamed that I shied away from praying to God.

Forgetting to look away from myself to remember the grace of God, I felt like the biggest hypocrite standing before Him.

So I wondered, “Will you accept my worship? Lord will you accept my praise?” Continue reading

And For This Reason, I Celebrate Christ Once Again

Celebrate Christ
About a week ago, I wrote about the yoke of perfection that we Christians have put upon ourselves.

And a few days ago, I reacted in anger towards something that someone said to me. Spoke and acted in pride. Something around the lines of “how dare you say that to me/think you know better than me. Was insensitive with my words, among other things.

After praying about it and thinking deeply about the whole thing, I realized that I actually thought I was passed the point of reacting in a certain way or doing certain things since I’m now in Christ.

I felt ashamed and sort of disappointed in myself. I saw my weaknesses and where I went wrong and I was discouraged. I cannot explain what the shame and guilt I felt has made me believe about myself or even kept me from doing.

This is obviously one of the yoke of perfection or should I say perfectionism I still struggle with. Wanting to reach the point where I will no longer react to or deal with certain situations in my flesh. When humility will be a garment I have on daily. When I will be perfect in action, thought and speech. Continue reading