True Confessions: A Book Review

True Confessions
As a fan and (maybe a stalker) of the author and her blog The Salt Chronicles, I happened to come upon the review section for the book on her blog last year.

This was also when I decided that I was going to purchase the book. It took me awhile but when I finally decided to pick up the book, I was going through some things at the time and I needed something uplifting, some form of distraction for my mind.

Fortunately, I got way much more than just a book to distract me from thinking about my problems. And funny enough, the book also addressed the situation I was going through at the time while encouraging and providing hope.

My first book of fables but not just a book of fables. True Confessions is a book filled with wisdom, encouragement, and permit me to say, the heart of God.

Even as I picked it up once again to skim through it before writing this review, I can’t help but think that the author is truly blessed by God.

There’s a difference between being able to put words together in a beautiful way and being able to put words of wisdom together, not just in a beautiful way but in a way that also brings glory to God.

A book on LOVE, friendship, identity, Grace, freedom, humility, happiness, being Christ like and a whole lot of “discussion” (since I can be a bit immature at times, I would find myself doing some oohing and aahing whenever it came to this topic). There were several parts in which the author was very open and honest about her walk with God, her faith, weaknesses and fears.

As I read the book, I found myself smiling, then giggling, to getting emotional and then smiling once again.

Apart from my great love for the fables and my innocent obsession with “discussion”, my most favorite part of the book was SALT Conversations with God (True Confessions in particular, as one can truly see the author’s heart for God).

At certain points in the book, I would either find myself confessing along with the author or rendering a quiet prayer in my heart to God. There were times when I just had to put the book down in order to meditate on and fully take in what I just read.

Took me 2 to 3 days to finish after which I immediately sent the book to my sister on kindle. Some weeks later, I would find myself telling my best friend about the fables on “discussion” on a bus ride to our youth retreat, before going on to make her read it.

I’m definitely looking forward to another book from the author. Mrs. Essien-Nelson, you are truly blessed by God, not just for your gift of writing but for the heart and spirit that God has placed in you. Many more Grace in Jesus name.

***True Confessions by Bola ‘Salt’ Essien-Nelson is available for purchase on amazon (both print copy and kindle version)

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