When The Hurt Is Too Painful To Forgive


Too Painful To Forgive
Some hurts are unbelievably hard and painful to forgive.

Some people in our lives have, either intentionally or not, done some unforgivable things to us. And we all have our own unique definition for what we deem unforgivable.

Things we struggle with letting go of. Things that have marred or shaped us in some form or way. Things we would like to gladly hold over their heads for as long as possible.

Due to these reasons, many of us are prone to see those that have hurt us as our enemies. And we are not alone in this as God also has enemies.

The important question is who are the enemies of God and how does He deal with them?

God’s enemies are those that have not been reconciled to Him through faith in Christ. Those that continue to live a life of wickedness and by doing so have made themselves out to be enemies of God.

“For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to Him through the death of His Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through His life.” (Romans 5:10)

And in spite of their hearts and lives, they continue to receive blessings from God in one way or the other.

“God causes His rain to rain on both the righteous and the wicked, and His sun to shine on both the good and evil.” (Matthew 5:45, emphasis added)

And we are called to be like our Father.

In being like Him, we’ve been called to love those who hate us, pray for those that curse us and do good to those that do not wish us well (Matthew 5:44).

Among the many other things in which I struggle with, being obedient to this particular commandment from God is one. I occasionally struggle with loving my “enemies”. And I’ve also found it excruciatingly hard and painful to forgive some hurts.

But one thing that has helped in this is meditating on the word of God and reminding myself of who I am.

A new creation and all. I am my Father’s daughter.

We will struggle and sometimes even fail in loving our “enemies”. Fail to forgive those that have caused us pain.

But when we fall, we don’t stay down. We get up and we dust ourselves off. Then we press forward. We press on to take hold of that which Christ has taken hold of us (Philippians 3:12-13). We press on towards righteousness and obedience.

And because we lack the power to do this in our own strength, we cry out to God for help.

Because it may be painful to sometimes love those that have caused us pain, painful to forgive those that have wronged us, we make it our mission not to look back or dwell on the pain while asking God for sufficient grace.

Our Father causes His rain to rain on both the just and unjust alike and we desire to be like Him. He causes His sun to shine on both the righteous and the wicked, so we strive to resemble Him.

We are our heavenly Father’s children. And in my case, I am my Father’s daughter. Like Father like child.

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